Edinburgh’s Christmas – Introducing Billy the Sheep

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More than 20 Brunchers came along for our visit to Edinburgh’s Christmas fabulousness in Princes Street Gardens. While there we met Billy the Sheep. Read on to vote in The Z Factor.

Big Wheel Edinburgh
The Big Wheel in Edinburgh

Of course our first stop was the Fire Punch. Strong stuff and the perfect Winter warmer.

Fire Punch in the Christmas Markets, Edinburgh
Fire Punch, drink it if you dare! We did, of course.

Next it was on to the Big Wheel. Love the idea of this and the views were great. But not so impressed by the way they squeezed 6 of us into one pod when so many others remained empty! Do they not realised the long-legged amongst us were suffering? On the plus-side (or should it be minus) we weren’t on the Big Wheel for very long!

View from the Big Wheel Edinburgh
View from the Big Wheel Edinburgh

The Flying Chairs are my favourite ride. Oh to fly through the air and scream like a teenager. Fantastic! Though maybe not so good for the poor chap in the swing next to mine…

Flying Chairs Ride
Flying Chairs Ride - Screaming like a teenager is obligatory

The highlight of this year’s trip was Billy. I met Billy and it was love at first sight. As you can see Billy has settled in well to his new home. Er, in our bathroom.

Billy the Sheep
Billy the Sheep - hanging out

Daisy the Cow  – last year’s addition to our growing menagerie – was delighted to meet Billy.

Billy tells me he finds Daisy very amoosing.

Billy & Daisy
Billy & Daisy getting to know each other

Pepe the Dog rules the roost from his swing quite unimpressed by the new arrival.

Pepe le Chien
Pepe le Chien, distinctly unimpressed by Billy's charms

You can see in the background the fabulous fishes I insisted we bring home from Cuba.

Who should win The Z Factor and escape the steamy obscurity of The Bathroom for fame and adulation at Sunday Brunch Club events.
Who do you love, Billy, Daisy or Pepe?

Remember, without your vote your favourite could be stuck in steamy bathroom obscurity forever

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