On the Giraffe Trail in Stockbridge

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We first heard about the Giraffe Trail through Edinburgh Spotlight and could not wait to do it!  The Giraffe Trail was the brainchild of Kiss the Fish Studios in Stockbridge and has been super popular.

After our udderly fabmoolous Cow Hunt in 2006, we were well overdue another hunting expedition so the Giraffe Hunt was born.

We should have been warned though. These long-legged lovlies are beguiling. Call them what you will, ladykillers, maneaters. Before you know it, you’re enchanted. And as you can see from these pictures there was a whole lot of kissing going on!

Sunday Brunch Club Giraffe Hunt - 11 December 2010
Getting cosy


Look out also for the super prizes! The African musical instruments (you’ll have to imagine the audio) and the gorgeous cacti candles. Bet you wish you’d been there.

Here are the pictures…

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Bag yourself a Giraffe!
These giraffes are being auctioned off for charity today (Sunday 12 December) at 4pm at Lifecare on Cheyne Street in Stockbridge. Pop along and grab a giraffe.

2 thoughts on “On the Giraffe Trail in Stockbridge

    Alison said:
    12 December 2010 at 2.12 pm

    Gosh, I thought I had fun with my nieces when I took them, looks like you had a ball!

      Sunday Brunch Club responded:
      13 December 2010 at 6.22 pm

      It was a hoot Alison, the Giraffe Hunters really went for it!

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