Pepe le Chien’s Big Day Out

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Pepe is ahead in the Z Factor poll so yesterday we took him to the Giraffe Hunt. If you’ve missed this you can catch up with the whole Z Factor thing here.

Pepe’s past
Let me tell you a bit about Pepe. I first met him in Prague when I holidayed there in 2006. I liked him so much that I decided to bring him home with me. You may wonder then why he has a French name. Well he’s originally from France. He’s a well-travelled dog.

Pepe le Chien
Pepe le Chien, relaxing at home

The Dog-napping!
After 4 years in the steamy obscurity of our bathroom, he’s now found fame and adulation. Such is Pepe’s following that on his outing yesterday he was dog-knapped. At 5.39pm  yesterday I received this most disturbing of text messages: £3m cash or Pepe snuffs it. It was accompanied by this picture. The flame perilously close to Pepe’s wooden footwear caused me to fear for his safety…

Pepe is Dognapped!
The picture sent by Pepe's dognappers

After a high-level Inspector Clueso style investigation the culprits were apprehended.

Dastardly dognappers doing their best to look innocent
Dastardly dognappers doing their best to look innocent

The plot was to kidnap Pepe and take him out for the evening. Who knows what would have happened had Pepe fallen into these six hands! Quelle horreur!!!

Pepe was quite shaken after his ordeal. You can tell by his ears.

Pepe - shaken after his dognapping ordeal
Pepe looking shaken and stirred after his dognapping ordeal

He thought a drink or three might calm his nerves

Pepe likes cider
Pepe likes cider
Pepe likes guiness
Pepe likes guiness
Pepe likes white wine
Pepe likes white wine

Pepe starts to feel more like his old self so entertains us all with his one-dog-band show.

Pepe's one-dog-band
Pepe's one-dog-band is a hit with most of the audience, though some critics feel his performance is a little wooden

 Pepe did a little yoga before bed

Pepe does yoga
Pepe does yoga

What a day for Pepe!

The Z Factor continues
Who will you vote for next time? Do you want Pepe to come out again or do you want to give Billy the Sheep or Daisy the Cow their 15 minutes of fame.

See more Pepe pictures on Flickr

Where do you think the next Z Factor winner should be taken?

One thought on “Pepe le Chien’s Big Day Out

    […] It was the day on which I was gifted The Most Magnificent Gingerbread House. Miss Bea presented this masterpiece towards the end of a most traumatic day (readers of my Sunday Brunch Club blog will know about the dognap attempt). […]

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