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Our March book is One Day by David Nicholls See it on Amazon here
Hope to see you at our March Book Group on Wednesday 2 March. One Day by David Nicholls

See our April, May and June books on our Book Lovers Group here 

February book The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by T E Carhart
Last night’s discussion of this book really divided opinion between those who while enjoying the start found that the book quickly became dull, uninspiring and unconvincing to those who thought it refreshing, enjoyable and a joy to read. Fifteen people attended and scored the book an average of 6.1. 

Free service for Book Groups
City of Edinburgh Libraries has launched a marvellous new scheme for local book groups. Over 100 titles are available for loan to book groups. Fifteen copies of each book can be borrowed for up to 6 weeks. This means we’ll no longer need to buy or borrow books individually – it’s a great idea!

 Find out more about Edinburgh City Libraries via the blog, facebook and twitter

We’ve decided to choose some books from the scheme for our Summer reading. You can see all Book Collection titles at the link below. Leave a comment below this post with your top 3 and we’ll make choices from the suggestions at next month’s Book Goup


Remember to leave a comment below with your top 3 preferences for our July book from the choices here.

5 thoughts on “Book Group – Latest update

    Fenella said:
    4 February 2011 at 9.19 am

    One Good Turn
    Handmaid’s Tale
    Elegance of the Hedgehog

    Lesley said:
    4 February 2011 at 10.32 am

    1. Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe. I have read this before and, although it’s a slim novel, there are a few interesting issues in it which could lead to a good discussion.
    2. Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This has had good reviews, and it would be a nice change to read something from a different culture and not western-centric.
    3. The God delusion by Richard Dawkins – could divide opinions and lead to a lively discussion.

    Fiona M said:
    4 February 2011 at 5.45 pm

    1. God delusion – would stir up a good debate no doubt!
    2. Either the Siege or the Secret Mandarin – both historical epics, set in Russia and China respectively – sound a good read and insight into another culture.
    3. The Tin-Kin – because of the Scottish aspect and sounds intriguing.

    Also like elegance of the hedgehog – I have it already though not read it yet, so somthing of the blurb on the back must have appealed, or a short history of tractors in ukranian, just because of the ‘fluffy pink grenade’ comment.

    Sarah M said:
    13 February 2011 at 12.59 pm

    1. Freakonomics
    2. The spirit level: why equality is better for everyone.
    3. Transition.

    (I have read Half of a Yellow Sun recently though and it was excellent so I wouldn’t mind discussing that and One Good Turn is also good).

    Louise R said:
    11 April 2011 at 8.00 pm

    Loads of good books on offer there!
    Alex’s adventures in Numberland
    – because I wouldn’t read it any other circumstances
    Handmaid’s Tale
    – because the issues are relevant to me right now
    Status anxiety
    – I think Alain will stimulate some debate

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