Dinner at Prestonfield House Hotel

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It is becoming something of a habit. The sort of habit one doesn’t want to give up.
This is my third visit to Prestonfield House Hotel in four weeks! You can read about my previous visits for champagne afternoon tea with the girls and the Sunday Brunch Club Christmas Dinner.

I looked forward to this dinner with some excitement.  Sixteen of us went along to enjoy the delights of the Prestonfield experience.

Dinner at Prestonfield House Hotel - Table
The table

The menu was simple. Or rather it was written simply. No overblown flowery language. For example one of the starters was ‘Bacon and Egg’!

Dinner at Prestonfield House Hotel - Menu
The menu

The execution though was exceptional. Let me show you. Though I must warn you that reading on will make your mouth water!

The starters were parsnip and ginger soup (not pictured), haddock and bacon and egg.

The haddock looked superb. Smoked haddock, layered with flaky pastry, curred mussel vinaigrette and spinach onion aioli. My eating companions seemed to like it. Very much indeed.

Haddock starter
The haddock starter. Slightly out of focus but you get the gist

I went for the bacon and egg. The Scotch egg is a very distant relation of this wonderous offering. The egg and bacon combined within the crispy shell complemented by the leek (you can make out the bed of leeks if you squint) and mushroom chutney. Simply mouth-watering.

Bacon and egg starter
This picture really does not capture the deliciousness of this starter. But imagine yourself cutting through that outer shell and experiencing the bacony and eggy delights within

So on to the mains. The choices were artichoke, bream and pork.

The artichoke and shallot tart tartin was served with truffle caramel and leek puree .  This vegetarian option was imaginative, delicious and well-presented.

Artichoke main
Atrichoke and shallot tart tartin - a triumph

Fillet of black bream with cauliflower risotto, parmesan gnochhi and crab emulsion

Black break main
Black bream

 I thought the most delicious andn beautiful main was the one I ordered. It was simply divine. So many of the flavours I look working in harmony to produce blissful feelings of food love. So here it is…

Pig's cheek main
A divine concoction - pig's cheek with black pudding, spiced red cabbage and roast apples

And the sweets…

The dark chocolate and clementine tart in all her glory. Sweet but not too sweet.

Dark chocolate and clementine tart
Crème brûlée
Crème brûlée - with gorgeous sugar garnish. Artistry on a platter

There was also a brown sugar and apple rice pudding (not pictured).

A lovely meal, beatifully presented with good service. This shot of one side of Rhubarb Restuarant (at the Prestonfield) gives you a feel for the atmospheric ambience and the wonderful setting which is a mix of baroque opulence and gothic features.

Rhubard Restaurant at Prestonfield House Hotel
Rhubard Restaurant at Prestonfield House Hotel

It was a great experience. We ate from the super value £30 for 3 courses menu. Really, what more could one ask?

Prestonfield House, Priestfield Road, Edinburgh  EH16 5UT
0131 225 7800

Rhubarb at Prestonfield on Urbanspoon

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at Prestonfield House Hotel

    Alison said:
    13 February 2011 at 2.50 pm

    Looks amazing. Must try it out sometime

    Claire said:
    13 February 2011 at 6.33 pm

    Looks great. However, I’m concerned about Billy the Sheep. He’s been couped up inside for far too long. I think you should take him out to dinner now and again.

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