Fascinating Fascinators

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Last night 6  Brunchers joined a group of other women at a Fascinator Workshop. If you are wondering what a fascinator is, read on!

It was a brilliant evening organised by Suzanne O’Brien and Sam Prophet of Party Craft. They are so enthusiastic and knowledgable, it was a joy to be there even for those of us who didn’t know our netting from our veiling.

In a heady whirl of feathers, flowers, sequins, pearls and all manner of fascinator fabulousness we set to work. Using the glue guns is similar to using a soldering iron and since my soldering has previously been described as ‘neat’ (a high accolade), I felt at home.

However, it has been some time since I last used a needle and thread. And millinery is a fiddly business so the evening was not without its challenges! With Sam and Suzanne on hand though we all go there in the end with great results.

So without further ado, a couple of pictures…

Ann's amazing peacock feather and pearl fascinator.
Judit channelling Ingrid. Beautiful fascinator made in record-breaking time
A fascinator or an insect eating plant? Be afraid, be very afraid...

We just need somewhere to wear them now! We’ve decided to wear them to dinner at First Coast on Friday

Unleash your creativity
If you are now chomping at the bit and keen to make your own creation, get in touch with Party Craft. As well as fascinator workshops Party Craft run a wide range of fabulous workshops for adults and for children. You can find them on facebook or call 07505 471831 or partycraftscotland(at)gmail.com to find out more.

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