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Want to be in Case Histories with Jackson Brodie on Sunday?

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Case Histories, the popular television series based on Jackson Brodie detective novels by Kate Atkinson, is coming back to our screens later this year. And I for one, can’t wait!

Case Histories
Get on-screen with Jackson Brodie
If you fancy being on-screen with Jason Isaacs* (pictured above), then Sunday is your lucky day.

Case Histories is looking for extras for this Sunday – 30 September – in Edinburgh. And if being in the same room as Mr Isaacs is not temptation enough, the brief is: to be at a party. Sounds good to me!

And… you get paid as well!

To take part email a picture of yourself to

More info on Case Histories

*I believe there are other actors in this show but I only ever notice Mr Isaacs.

The American – An evening with George Clooney

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Yesterday we went to see The American with George Clooney. From the first shots in the opening scenes when I almost jumped off my chair, I was kept in a state of high alert waiting for George to be shot. It was tense, mean, moody and I liked it. I thought George pulled it off, even though many critics disagree.

The American

Over our post-film coffee/red wine clothing featured rather heavily on the agenda.

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