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Happy Christmas from the Sunday Brunch Club

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Have a wonderful Christmas!

Billy the Sheep at Christmas
Happy Christmas from Billy the Sheep and the Sunday Brunch Club

See you at Hogmanay!

There are just a few tickets left for our
Grand Hogmanay Ball

* Live music
* Haggis, neeps and tatties
* Piper
* Fantastic party atmosphere
* Fabulous 5 star venue

Sunday Brunch Club Grand Hogmanay Ball 2009
Sunday Brunch Club Grand Hogmanay Ball 2009

See more pictures from last year below

St Abbs Head Secret Walk

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Pepe at St Abbs Secret Walk
Pepe enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery during the St Abbs Secret Walk

 On Sunday the Sunday Brunch Club Walking Group went on a beautiful coastal walk at St Abbs Head. Thanks so much to Ian M who led the walk.

This walk was described thus “You probably won’t have been this way before as this walk is one of Scotland’s best kept secrets, but it offers truly stunning coast and landscape: high cliffs, smuggler’s coves, flocks of sea birds and magnificent views of the North Sea come included on this moderate four to five hour walk”.

It lived up to expectation and was well worth the 9am start it required. Here are the pictures of Pepe le Chien and the rest of us enjoying the fantastic views… 

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Pepe le Chien’s Big Day Out

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Pepe is ahead in the Z Factor poll so yesterday we took him to the Giraffe Hunt. If you’ve missed this you can catch up with the whole Z Factor thing here.

Pepe’s past
Let me tell you a bit about Pepe. I first met him in Prague when I holidayed there in 2006. I liked him so much that I decided to bring him home with me. You may wonder then why he has a French name. Well he’s originally from France. He’s a well-travelled dog.

Pepe le Chien
Pepe le Chien, relaxing at home

The Dog-napping!
After 4 years in the steamy obscurity of our bathroom, he’s now found fame and adulation. Such is Pepe’s following that on his outing yesterday he was dog-knapped. At 5.39pm  yesterday I received this most disturbing of text messages: £3m cash or Pepe snuffs it. It was accompanied by this picture. The flame perilously close to Pepe’s wooden footwear caused me to fear for his safety…

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Edinburgh’s Christmas – Introducing Billy the Sheep

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More than 20 Brunchers came along for our visit to Edinburgh’s Christmas fabulousness in Princes Street Gardens. While there we met Billy the Sheep. Read on to vote in The Z Factor.

Big Wheel Edinburgh
The Big Wheel in Edinburgh

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