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Hillwalking with the Sunday Brunch Club Edinburgh Hillwalking Group

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Stay active with our hugely popular Hillwalking Group based in Edinburgh

Walk for fun and fitness

Enjoy beautiful scenery

Meet new people

No routes to plan or maps to buy, just turn up

No car? No problem. We organise car-share from Edinburgh city centre

Our Edinburgh Hillwalking Group is very popular. We’re incredibly lucky to have an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers to lead our hillwalks. They love hillwalking and it shows!

Thanks to our Dream Team: Robin, Ian F and Bill.

Hillwalking with the Sunday Brunch Club Frequently asked questions

When are where do you walk?

We walk at least once a month usually on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Our Sunday walks usually last all day (including driving to the walk and drink/bite to eat afterwards).

How can I find out more details about the walks?

We’ll put details on our events pages the month before each walk. Just click on the relevant month from our events page.

How long do walks normally last?

Walks typically last between 4 and 6 hours.

Do I need to be super fit?

The short answer is no! Some walks are easy, over flat or gently undulating ground, while others involve steep ascents and are more strenuous. We’ll give a short description of each walk on the relevant month’s events page and you can decide what suits you.

What are the walks like?

Like all Sunday Brunch Club activities, the focus is on enjoyment rather than ‘bagging’. The walks are relaxed, friendly and very welcoming to new members. We usually go to a pub or restaurant for a well-earned meal after a good day’s walking.

Do you organise transport?

We organise car-share from Edinburgh city centre. It’s an informal arrangement that has worked brilliantly. We can’t guarantee a lift as it depends on sufficient drivers. So far it’s worked every time.

If you are not driving, please give a petrol contribution to your driver, even if you know them

We do rely on people driving and don’t want them to be out-of-pocket. If in doubt, err on the side of generosity. It would be very difficult logistically, very time-consuming and expensive to make the same journeys by public transport.

Remember to bring clean shoes and a carrier bag (for muddy boots) for the journeys to and from the walk.

Cost per car

You contribute to the petrol cost per car at 22p per mile.

What will I need

Good walking boots

Walking socks are great if you have them

A base layer and mid-layer/fleece

Waterproof jacket

Ideally water resistant/waterproof walking trousers, though other light weight, quick-drying trousers are fine too

Hat/gloves/scarf – it can get very cold, even in Summer

Suncream and sunglasses – well you never know!

Rucksack (for packed lunch and layers)

Clean shoes and a carrier bag (for pre- and post-walk)


Packed lunch

How much does it cost?

Our guided walks are free.

Do I need to be a member of the Sunday Brunch Club?

Yes. And there’s no charge! Join today

Be in the know!

Want to dive in?

View upcoming events
book online and come along. New members are very welcome.

View pictures on facebook here

Dive in
Join online today here – it’s free!
And start coming to events

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