Cow Parade

On the Giraffe Trail in Stockbridge

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We first heard about the Giraffe Trail through Edinburgh Spotlight and could not wait to do it!  The Giraffe Trail was the brainchild of Kiss the Fish Studios in Stockbridge and has been super popular.

After our udderly fabmoolous Cow Hunt in 2006, we were well overdue another hunting expedition so the Giraffe Hunt was born.

We should have been warned though. These long-legged lovlies are beguiling. Call them what you will, ladykillers, maneaters. Before you know it, you’re enchanted. And as you can see from these pictures there was a whole lot of kissing going on!

Sunday Brunch Club Giraffe Hunt - 11 December 2010
Getting cosy


Look out also for the super prizes! The African musical instruments (you’ll have to imagine the audio) and the gorgeous cacti candles. Bet you wish you’d been there.

Here are the pictures…

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Have you heard the moos? The Cows are in Town!

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This post is a blast from the past. All the excitement about the Giraffe Hunt today brought back memories of the Cow Hunt back in 2006. Do you remember the decorated life-sized fibre-glass cows? Silly question, who could forget!

Sunday Brunch Club Cow Hunt 2006
Cow fighting. No cows were harmed during this event

The Cow Hunters were a little mad and udderly fabmoolous! They went all out to capture all the cows. The cows were all over the city centre with a few outliers in Prestonpans, Edinburgh Airport and the zoo. Armed with cameras and bus fare the Cow Hunters competed to capture cows and hug policeman for bonus points. 

What an amazing day. People who missed it in 2006 have been asking for picture. So just for you here are a few…

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