Pepe le Chien’s Big Day Out

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Pepe is ahead in the Z Factor poll so yesterday we took him to the Giraffe Hunt. If you’ve missed this you can catch up with the whole Z Factor thing here.

Pepe’s past
Let me tell you a bit about Pepe. I first met him in Prague when I holidayed there in 2006. I liked him so much that I decided to bring him home with me. You may wonder then why he has a French name. Well he’s originally from France. He’s a well-travelled dog.

Pepe le Chien
Pepe le Chien, relaxing at home

The Dog-napping!
After 4 years in the steamy obscurity of our bathroom, he’s now found fame and adulation. Such is Pepe’s following that on his outing yesterday he was dog-knapped. At 5.39pm  yesterday I received this most disturbing of text messages: £3m cash or Pepe snuffs it. It was accompanied by this picture. The flame perilously close to Pepe’s wooden footwear caused me to fear for his safety…

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