Cooking Mania – Demo and Dine

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Recently we had a lovely event at Cooking Mania’s Cookery School in Stockbridge.

Cooking Mania's lovely kitchens
Cooking Mania's lovely kitchens

Graziella, our chef for the evening, did a demonstration for us of butternut squash soup, goats cheese and caramelised onion tarts and sausage rolls.

The caramelised onion and goats cheese tarts go into the oven
The tarts about to go in
The results
Deliciously addictive

The step-by-step approach was very helpful. Everything was prepared and cooked in front of us and Graziella gave us recipes to take away.

At the end, I decided even I could give it a whirl! You can read about my tart-fest on my Edinburgh Diva blog.

If culinary adventures appeal, try Cooking Mania. They organise a wide range of cookery demonstrations and classes.

1/2 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh  EH3 6ST
0131 220 2040

Pepe le Chien’s Big Day Out

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Pepe is ahead in the Z Factor poll so yesterday we took him to the Giraffe Hunt. If you’ve missed this you can catch up with the whole Z Factor thing here.

Pepe’s past
Let me tell you a bit about Pepe. I first met him in Prague when I holidayed there in 2006. I liked him so much that I decided to bring him home with me. You may wonder then why he has a French name. Well he’s originally from France. He’s a well-travelled dog.

Pepe le Chien
Pepe le Chien, relaxing at home

The Dog-napping!
After 4 years in the steamy obscurity of our bathroom, he’s now found fame and adulation. Such is Pepe’s following that on his outing yesterday he was dog-knapped. At 5.39pm  yesterday I received this most disturbing of text messages: £3m cash or Pepe snuffs it. It was accompanied by this picture. The flame perilously close to Pepe’s wooden footwear caused me to fear for his safety…

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On the Giraffe Trail in Stockbridge

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We first heard about the Giraffe Trail through Edinburgh Spotlight and could not wait to do it!  The Giraffe Trail was the brainchild of Kiss the Fish Studios in Stockbridge and has been super popular.

After our udderly fabmoolous Cow Hunt in 2006, we were well overdue another hunting expedition so the Giraffe Hunt was born.

We should have been warned though. These long-legged lovlies are beguiling. Call them what you will, ladykillers, maneaters. Before you know it, you’re enchanted. And as you can see from these pictures there was a whole lot of kissing going on!

Sunday Brunch Club Giraffe Hunt - 11 December 2010
Getting cosy


Look out also for the super prizes! The African musical instruments (you’ll have to imagine the audio) and the gorgeous cacti candles. Bet you wish you’d been there.

Here are the pictures…

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